Using the latest in UAV drone technology, we are able to reach perspectives and points of view not previously possible, filling the gap between the limits of ground-based cranes and mounting points and helicopter or other more traditional aerial platforms.

The benefits of low cost, flexible aerial filming and camera work are numerous and can be applied to many fields of work including surveying, photography, agriculture, construction and industry.

Our flight technicians are fully CAA licensed and authorised to work in UK and a range of countries and have logged many hours of flight time experience. A BNUC-S license also applies, ensuring safety procedures are followed and every job is fully insured.

Aerial footage for a wide range of applications

We supply fully CAA and BNUC-S Qualified Technicians


We operate the very latest UAV drone technology, with the ability to remotely pan 360 degrees and tilt independently of the drone operation. We film at 4K resolution in a .MOV codec wrapper which can slide easily into any post-production workflow. We also receive remote wireless monitoring from the drone to either single or dual handsets for one or two operators.


Our drones have been employed for the use of low cost aerial surveying for a range of sites and natural locations. With a maximum operating altitude of 400 feet, we can usually film across a wide area with ability to geo-tag locations from stills. Our survey services can extend to inaccessible areas such as rooftops, construction sites, quarry/landfill, wind turbines and flood defenses.


Our drones can be employed in the field of agriculture by filming and photographing crop harvest. This data can be used by farm owners to assess the development of their site and the areas which need further attention. Aerial UAV’s are a time-effective replacement for traditional ‘crop scouting.’ UAV flights are also useful for snow surveys to forecast water supply and monitoring irrigation.