Aerial drone safety and technical answers

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Can I hire just the drone?

Yes, the dry hire rates can be seen on the rates page. We offer this service to those in need of an additional drone for filming or for those who wish to try out flying a drone on a non-commercial basis for their own pleasure.

Do I need a license?

For any commercial work, stated as work with the intention of remuneration in any form, then yes you will require either a CAA qualified operator or we can supply a technician for your job.

Can you fly in wind and rain?

Our drone is strong enough to fly in some mild gusts and winds, but cannot be flown in any rain as electronic elements are exposed.

What happens if there is bad weather on the shoot day?

We will seek to re-schedule to another appropriate day.

Can you see what you are filming and framing?

Both single and dual operator modes have First-person viewpoints displayed on their operator screens via a live transmission from the drone unit with under 1/4ms retention.

How long can a drone fly for?

Our units have a flight time of 18 minutes, with total battery time of 84 minutes without charging.

Can you fly above people?

CAA regulations require us never to filming above crowds of 500. We try not to filming above persons to avoid unnecessary safety issues.

Can you fly indoors?

Our drone has a number of new safety features which ensure it is perfectly suitable to flying indoors, even in tight spaces. With special ultra-sonic floor sensors built in, the unit doesn’t rely on GPS to work.

What is the camera footage like?

Our drone uses a 4K resolution sensor with 12MP detail. It is a similar sensor to those in Go Pro Mark 4 cameras, but with a different lens attachment, resulting in a slightly narrower field of view and no fish eye effect. The camera can remotely tilt 90 degrees and pan 360 degrees.

What is the maximum operating distance and height?

By law, we are required to fly no further than 500m in line of sight horizontally and 120m in height vertically.