Sports club tour videos introduce a club to a new audience

High altitude shots from a UAV show the club layout from above

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs can reach new audience and potential members through an effective and engaging short video which shows off their club setup and layout along with any additional facilities such as bar area and changing rooms. The videos can be easily linked and shared among members and their friends, helping to grow the size of community involved in the club.


We produce broadcast HD quality sports club videos that can be displayed via club websites, linked and shared on social media portals and displayed on screens in a clubhouse. Videos which showcase the benefits of a club and its facilities provide potential new members an opportunity to see what is available to them.


We use the latest in UAV (drone) and camera gimbal technologies to create new high-altitude and fast-moving perspectives of yachts and provide our videos a smooth gliding feel as we progress around interiors and exteriors. Each video usually includes animation locating the sport club’s location locally and graphics overlays providing details such as length of course or number of pitches/courts.

Demonstrate club facilities in an engaging way

We provide UAV filming for extensive golf course walk-throughs

Course Flyovers

Through the use of lightweight UAV (Drone) technology, we are able to get a bird’s-eye view of any course or wide open space for very affordable prices. This unique filming viewpoint can be combined with some graphic design to demonstrate to potential visitors the layout and design of a course along with other details such as, for example, hole length and par.

Optional Extra

Presenter-led Video £300


Travel Expenses